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A Husband And Wife Photo And Video Team

Our story begins in 2015 when we were planning our own wedding. We spent hours and hours- Okay…well, let’s be fair, Ashley spent hours and hours planning while Bryan nodded in approval to all of her requests. We had everything we wanted for our wedding: A great venue, friends and family, two fantastic photographers and all of the nitty gritty details covered.

The day was perfect, and we both had the best times of our lives. We anxiously awaited to get our photos to relive the day, and we were thrilled once we received them. They were absolutely perfect in every way! As we looked through all of the photos, we began to realize just how much the day seemed to blur together. From early morning prepping, spending time with the bridal party, the ceremony and reception, and listening to all of the great speeches from our friends and family- it became apparent that the single greatest day of our life was also the fastest day of our life.

Looking back, the one thing we wished we had done was to have someone capture it on video for us. Realizing this, and since we both have a background in video and photography, we decided that as a newlywed couple, we wanted to do our best to provide this service for future couples!

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