Bride and Groom embrace during wedding

5 Wedding Photography Trends in 2024 - A Vintage Aesthetic

As we head into the 2024 wedding season, it's the perfect time to explore some wedding photo trends on the horizon. 

With technology and AI rapidly growing in the creative space, taking a flawless photo has never been easier.

However, this has led to a growing desire for images that portray character and authenticity. Couples are stepping away from the staged, posed, and overly clinical photos and looking for photos that capture their raw emotions. With that in mind, here are some of the most sought-after trends we've seen moving into 2024.

1. Imperfect photos:

We know! This sounds weird, but hear us out.

Perfectly sharp and balanced photos are great for your standard wedding portraits: your formals, the family photos, the bridal party, etc. However, flawless photos can fail to capture the energy and excitement in the moment.

Slightly blurred photos with light streaks and imperfections add a pop of creativity and fun to your wedding album.

Whether you're bursting with laughter, holding back your happy tears, or sneaking a kiss on the dance floor - these perfectly imperfect photos will capture the moment as it was. 

Bride and Groom kiss during dancing with blurred lights

2. Polaroid and Film Photos:

Considering how digital everything is today, there's something special about holding a physical photo in your hand.

Our couples have come to love the Polaroid and film photos they receive on their wedding day. These physical moments in time capture a feeling of nostalgia that's hard to reproduce.

Not only are they fun to have, but they also make for a perfect keepsake for years to come!

3. Direct Flash Photography:

We love a photo with flash! Today's cameras are so much better at dealing with low light that you rarely need to use a flash at all.

However, having that flash gives your photo an elegant vibe! It reminds us of timeless photos in magazines and across Hollywood.

You'll find your direct flash photos deliver a powerful and engaging look in your wedding album.

Bride and groom hug in front of sparklers at a wedding

4. Candid Moments:

2024 is all about keeping it real. Our couples rarely want to pose in front of a camera anymore. Instead, they're looking for a more documentary-style experience for their wedding.

From genuine moments to heartfelt emotions, these are the photos that truly tell your love story. We also love it when our couples tell us that some of their favorite photos were the ones they didn't even know we captured!

Bride and goom embrace in a candid moment at their wedding

5. Second-Day Photography:

Let the good times roll with second-day photography.

Whether it's capturing the anticipation leading up to your wedding day, or getting dressed up after your wedding to have fun in a styled shoot- this additional session offers couples the freedom to take additional photos without the constraints of a tight schedule. 

It's important to keep this in mind - while these trends are fun and growing in popularity, they shouldn't overshadow your entire collection. Think of these photos as a way to add some flair to your wedding album.

2024 is shaping up to be a year of vintage-style photography. As technology and AI take over the creative world, our couples are taking a step back- Ditching the formulaic, clinical photography and looking to add a sense of style, character, and emotion into their photos.

This approach will capture your genuine moments and tell a story that is uniquely yours.

As we head into 2024, let's embrace a little imperfection and create some forever memories!